Which programming language should I learn first?

Choosing a programming language is not difficult. It depends upon your interest. Every programming language has its own applications, once you find it, then it will be more straight forward for choosing the language. Mostly used languages are c, c++, java, and python.

  1. C
    C Programming language is mostly used in the field of Embedded systems, IoT, etc.

2. C++
C++ is used to create or build Operating systems and DBMS. Now It is extensively used in Game Development.

3. Python
Python is nowadays used on almost all platforms and it's growing very fast. But as a highlight, it is most widely used in Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, data science, etc..

4. Java
Java is also used to develop any kind of web application that we require. It can be used to create complete applications in a network. It is also used in building android apps.

Based on your interest, choose the programming language to learn and master it.
If you are not really interested in learning in-depth programming, an easy-to-learn language is python. Check it out.

Thank you