Nowadays, app development companies use email for marketing because it’s easily shared. With emails, one can reach thousands of potential app users across the globe in seconds. So Validating emails are very useful. Email validation has become very simple using the email_validator plugin.

  1. Adding email_validator in pubspec.yaml file
    Add the email_validator plugin in the dependencies in pubspec.yaml file. Then click on the pub get on the top.

carousel_pro image slider

Image slider is very useful in showcasing your works, adds, image albums, etc. Including image sliders in flutter is very much easy using the carousel pro package. We can get access to this carousel pro package in

  1. Adding carousel_pro in pubspec.yaml file
    Add the carousel pro plugin in the dependencies in pubspec.yaml file. Then click on the pub get on the top.

URL launcher

URL launcher is a common thing nowadays in any sort of application. In this article, we will see about how to launch an website url. We are going to use an simple package from names url_launcher.

Adding the url_launcher plugin to the dependency

Choosing a programming language is not difficult. It depends upon your interest. Every programming language has its own applications, once you find it, then it will be more straight forward for choosing the language. Mostly used languages are c, c++, java, and python.

  1. C
    C Programming language is mostly used in the field of Embedded systems, IoT, etc.

Almost every app has an appbar in it. In this article, we will see how to create an appbar in flutter and its properties.

Flutter Appbar

Let us first create a flutter project and inside the lib/main.dart file, import the material package.

Then inside the void main() function, call the runApp() function, and inside it call the class name that we are going to use.

In our case, we are going to create a class named “MyApp” which is a stateful widget. We are going to return a MaterialApp and inside it, we are assigning the home property value as…

How to Play and Pause a Video in Flutter!!

As a mobile developer, playing videos is a common task in app development, and Flutter apps are no exception. We can use the video_player plugin to play videos stored on the file system, as an asset, or from the internet. This article explains the steps to be followed to play and pause videos in flutter applications.

1. Adding the video_player dependency

Add the video_player plugin in the dependencies in pubspec.yaml file. Then click on the pub get on the top.

By default, people use Circular Progress Indicator in their flutter applications which is inside the material package. But we can use custom animated loading indicators in flutter using a plugin Flutter Spinkit.

We will see all the available loading animated indicators in this article. First, we need to add the plugin in the pubspec.yaml file under dependencies.

Flutter Spinkit Plugin:

Git and GitHub are two popular terms used regularly in the Coding Platforms. Git is a version control system that lets us manage and keep track of our source code history where GitHub is a cloud-based hosting service that lets us manage Git repositories. Repositories are nothing but like a folder that will contain all our code files in it. So in this article, we will see the most essential commands used in git and GitHub and how to use it.

Install Git from the link below:

We will use the windows system for demonstrating git and GitHub in…

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